Joi Center is proud to release this new inspirational video with Shelley Snow.

Happy Earth Day! I am very excited to share with you a creative project I did with my talented friend Shelley Snow. We co-produced this poetic evocative video to serve as a “tool” to help bring a voice to this very important issue.

I hope you are moved as I was, and that you may be inspired to do everything in your power to help protect, preserve and to heal our most precious resource. If you would like to contribute, please share this YouTube video with your friends as a way to pay it forward by passing on this little torch of light.

With great gratitude. Peace, love & Joy!  

 Featured Artist

Shelley Snow

Shelley Snow is a singer/songwriter whose passion is to create using an original sound language that has no linguistic translation.  It is rather meant to be evocative in a poetic sense. The song “A Mother’s Cry for the Earth”is from an album entitled,  Shamaneya. 

 In reviewing this album, Billboard Magazine called Snow “a truly original artist”. 

She is also a highly acclaimed researcher in the study of the healing power of sound. She has conducted the first major study of sound healing by a music therapist and currently collaborating with neuroscientists on studies of toning at the prestigious International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research in Montreal. Dr. Shelley Snow has been a practicing therapist for 25 years. 

Shelley Snow is a gifted singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Her album entitled “Shamaneya” received wide critical acclaim, being hailed as truly original, and deeply spiritual new music.

Eight of ten tracks are written in an original vocal language, inspired by an experience the artist had at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, where the ancient Anasazi Tribe once lived. 

Billboard Magazinecompared her to Enya and Lorrina McKennit, and called her an artist “well worth listening to.”

To see more of her work please visit the link below: