You remember the ole saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it”?  That’s what we usually say or hear others say when something seems like a fairytale or a long shot, right? Well, I now know that it is really the other way around. We can only see it when we really believe it. One of our most overlooked super inner-powers in life, is the unbelievable power of our beliefs, especially when the belief is in something that does not exist in the material world, or does it?

When we are open, the unexpected happens. Our dreams slip up on us and reveal themselves in unexpected ways, and so the magic begins. You reach out and make the commitment. You let go and take the leap of faith, and before you know it, your dreams become an active force in your life.

Riding the dream is a lot like being in a rowboat with no oars. You’re totally dependent on where the current wants to take you. That means surrender. That means being vulnerable. It means being open to the larger plan and trusting in the unknown, however, that can be easier said than done, especially in times when we are challenged to keep the faith, and to keep trusting in the process.

Every once in awhile someone comes along in our life to help inspire us and shift us back into gear when we fall off of our self-confidence track. I think we can all recall such a person in our lives, for me, one of those special connections was with Christine Laureano. Christine and I met some years ago through a women’s conference where we shared many commonalities, similar worldviews, and a great passion for helping others become their best selves, especially women.

During the years I have worked on the Joi Center project, Christine has been almost like an “angelic muse” for me… Just when I would find myself going to a place of doubt and fear, I would receive a friendly text message from her, right out of the blue, and always in perfect timing

In addition to her “telepathic inspirations”, lol…Christine has also been extremely helpful in providing me with much needed knowledge and guidance on how to confidently create and follow my vision wihtout getting caught up in the negative self-talk or other self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns that we can easily fall into sometimes.

She has strong insight into how we tap into our inner knowledge and inner powers to manifest all of that super good stuff within each of us. Dreams really can come true when we truly believe, take action and never waiver from our own inner intelligence.

Christine Laureano

Christine’s gift is showing women how to create a vision and plan that aligns with their creative ideas to reach their dreams- and feel good in life.

With more than 25 years experience inspiring women as a corporately reformed entrepreneur, marketing consultant, life coach and parent – and through her own life transforming experiences – she offers fresh perspectives and principles that move you beyond the shadow of doubt to expand your business and develop a solid foundation for life success.

Christine is one of my personal Inner Fitness trainers, and I am so very happy to introduce her and to share this inspiring blog post from her beautiful collection of inspirational messages, called “Life lessons from the Lounge Chair”. You can learn more at

This particular blog really spoke to me on many levels, especially regarding my personal journey with the Joi Center project. I love Christine’s optimism, sense of wit, practical wisdom and intuitive insights, and I know you will love her too.

Enjoy The Secrets to Building Your Field of Dreams by Christine Laureano.
CLICK HERE to read Christine’s article
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