A Mother’s Cry for Earth 

Post by Angie Chandler, Founding Partner of Joi Center.  A wellness researcher, writer/ poet, humanitarian and social entrepreneur.

HI Everyone, It has been a very long time since I have written a blog post, and now that’s about to change. Over the last few months I have spent time reflecting and rethinking about the direction of the Joi project and where it is going. It is clear that Joi is here to be part of a much greater mission.

Joi is part of an amazing “LOVE revolution” taking place all across the globe. More and more people supporting ways to help preserve, protect and heal our most precious resources, us and the planet.

Joi is a new growing community of like minded people who share in the belief of inner strength and our power to inspire a planet that can thrive.

Joi is about human sustainability and how we all can become not only better human beings, but also better stewards of our planet, in how we choose to support and protect the environment in which we live and depend on for life.

Our political landscape is heating up more and more with exposure of companies and organizations who clearly disregard standards that protect our human rights to clean land, air and water. Deforestation of our forests and jungles are causing the breakdown of the natural eco-systems which are extremely necessary for the sustainability of OUR planet. 

“We need the planet more than she needs us”

I do believe that the wrong doing by companies who do not respect our human needs is finally coming to a head, however, this movement for mankind to pay attention to the environment is not new at all.

In fact, Earth Day started in 1972, when millions of Americans hit the streets to bring awareness to many of the same issues that we are fighting today, issues like clean land and air, water conservation, animal poaching and deforestation.

“This land is our land”, lyrics from an old song we once sang. These natural resources are here to serve us all as the ecological lifelines they were intended to be. 

In 1975 I was in 7thgrade, and remember writing a research paper on water conservation, and now here we are over 40 years later having to fight for the same issues, but now it is a much bigger problem, one that we can no longer ignore.

The disrespect and neglect of Mother Earth/God has never been more evident than it is right now.

It is mind blowing how mankind has treated our land, plants, animals and each other. Corporations after corporations falling from grace as they continue to pollute and destroy our most precious God- given resources

Clearing in Mt Pleasant SC

When it hits home...

When I lived in the beautiful residential community of Charleston SC, I started to see a massive attack on the land and natural resources right inside our own neighborhoods. Month after month, more and more land was being wiped out to build more and more houses, condos, office buildings, shopping centers, etc. and, without the consent of the people who lived there

Displaced Deer

As a result of this negligence, the wildlife was put into a state of shock as the deer, birds, and other creatures became homeless overnight, and now many neighborhoods are left with lost deer roaming anxiously in the yards and gardens because they have no place to go.

As a business woman and progressive, I am certainly not against growth and development, but for God’s sakes can we at least be more mindful of the places we choose to develop and by how much? 

When is enough enough?  

There are many ways to build communities that offer the things we need without over destroying so much of the natural resources in the meantime. Especially now that it very obvious that it is all for the love of money, short term gains and without any consideration for others or the long term effects. 

Ever wondered why more developers don’t plan for the future by staying mindful and conscious environmental concerns when making business decisions?

” There is always more than one way to accomplish something, the easy way or the right way”

Below is a poem that I wrote about this topic and decided to share it as my little “gift’ to honor EARTH DAY 2019!

Peace, love & Joy!