Did you know that our definition of health has changed over the last 50 years? In 1948, the World Health Organization define health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of infirmity.”

Research suggest that the future of health and wellness will return to this truth and start addressing all of our human health areas, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us, including enhancing our senses, yes, all six of them 🙂  And, we will be working with our innate energetic capabilities to create self-healing on a cellular level to heal from the inside out.

Remember what Albert Einstein taught us, that ” Everything is made of energy”, including us, and now quantum physics verifies that every living thing produces its own electromagnetic energy field and that this energy and matter are interchangelable and transferable at all times.

“Vibrational medicine” is now becoming a powerful complimentary form of treatment capable of creating balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

Under the unbrella of “energy and vibrational medicine” are many ancient modalities that date back over thousands of years where ancient civilizations utilized these frequencies to treat chronic illness. The Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and the Native Americans all used forms of energy modalities such as with sound.

Yes, the time is has come for a resurrection of  ancient”vibrational medicine”and self-healing” modalities as part of a global revolution to create better health, greater happiness and a long life filled with all the good stuff. This is the inspiration behind the creation for the Joi Center projects, and it is why I said “YES” to this mission and why I hope you will say “yes” too.

So why do we need a Joi Center? … Well, all we have to do is just look around the planet today, especially in the states. It has become a place filled with major stress on many levels and across all ages and demographics, and unfortunately we have become accustom to living with this stress to the point where our health and well-being is at risk and is no longer sustainable.

It’s fairly well accepted that the U.S. is the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but many continue to falsely assume that we pay more for healthcare because we get better health (or better health outcomes). The evidence, however, clearly doesn’t support that view.” In the June 2016 Health and Pharma,  The USA was ranked dead last for quality of healthcare compared to other developed countries.

Daily stress is killing us and our healthcare systems have not been able to resolve this epidemic.

This is why we are seeing a new revolution and a cause to action to create new ways for people to take back their power and take care of their own health and happiness. In many ways, it is a going back to the basics, and resurrecting the ancient modalities, remedies and wisdoms that have helped heal civilizations for thousand of years.

Research shows a strong link between positive emotion and health, suggesting that the emotional connections to our physical wellbeing are deeper and more complex than scientists previously understood, and this is why the Joi Center concepts are rooted in modern science while inspired by ancient wisdom and practices. A place for strengthening our mind, body and spiritual health, it’s like “spiritual aerobics” for fitness.

We have seen or at least read about a few revolutionary ages over time, but none like the one we are in right now. In the industrial age the world experienced a major shift in the way it connected physically through many developments in transportation. Later, we shifted to the technology age where the computer changed how we connect and communicate across the globe.

Today, we have entered into a new revolutionary age… the age of consciousness!
We are discovering more and more about how we can connect with ourselves and with others, we know now that the things we choose to think and feel have a profound effect on our entire health and wellbeing, as well as,  eachother and the planet.

This new age of consciousness is about the evolution of inner strength.—inner fitness is the foundation of a healthy life. Whether it’s the power of the mind, the power of belief, the power of vibrations, the power of intention, or the power of love, what’s becoming clear to modern science and more of us by the day is that there is great power within us. The time to exercise that power, and to do so together, has come.

Basically, what I have discovered through my work and research in both traditional western medicine and in alternative health and spa markets, is that there are better ways to creating awesome health and a better life.  In fact, here is what was reported in”Psychology of Spa and Wellness”… “The healing institutions of the future will be the one that combines holistic multi-dimensional approach to wellbeing with a solid grounding in scientific research. “Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing, and as such, is an excellent lens through which to study the realm of spa. Both are committed to helping people maximize their health and happiness and both believe that health is much more than just the absence of disease.” 

Joi Center allows for these two wellness disciplines to compliment one another and create a new kind of fitness center by merging modern science with ancient philosophies inside one beautiful and inspiring place for inner fitness.

Joi Center addresses two core problems many of us experience today — stress and the absence of true community. It’s a fast-paced world, with more stress and less time for ourselves than we have ever known  in history, and the relentless pace and the external negative energies, such as the news, are impacting our personal health, our relationships and our entire well-being.
We can’t thrive if we’re burning out….It’s that simple!

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Joi Center was conceptualized using the model of a spa with the foundations of a fitness center. The Joi center merges modern science with ancient wisdom to offer a complete package of innovative mind-body-wellness solutions in one place. Joi Center specializes in modern advancements in energy healing methods with sound, light, and color. The center also includes inspiring classes for inner fitness training for a variety of ways to learn new techniques and tips on how to live life with less stress, have more energy, and live with incredible peace and happiness, and socialize within a positive community.

Joi center is based on a “one-stop-shop” model for total self-care, self-empowerment, self-love, and self-awareness, all inside one beautiful inspiring environment. The model is customize for the following markets: hospitality & tourism, spa & wellness and corporate HR programs.

I will be sharing more about the experts and people behind the creation of Joi Center and these emerging developments over the coming weeks. Stay connected and please continue to share us with other like minds and spirits. We are building the network one person at a time and with each caring heart.

Thank you!

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Peace, love and JOY

We would love any feedback about this new network and invite you to comment on any suggestions for future inner fitness topics to share.

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