Hey, and I am super happy to introduce to you a woman who knows first hand what it is like to sacrifice health for outside appearances. The first time I spoke with Angela I immediately knew she is the “real deal” if you know what I mean. She walks her talk and she is full of resourceful tips for getting fit the right way, from the inside out. Thank you, Angela…You rock!

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Meet Angela Nunez:

Hi, I’m Angela Nunez. As a young child, I loved being active, playing sports from sunrise to sundown. My health and fitness journey began when I was 15 years old and began working out at the gym. By age 20 I was both a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. I began to compete in fitness competition where I placed 1st often, I earned sponsorships as a fitness model in Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, Natural Muscle Magazine and more. Although I enjoyed making my way to the top of fitness competition, I knew deep inside that it wasn’t good for me.

The extreme dieting and working out left me chronically fatigued and stressed from having to keep my body a certain way. I finally ended up in the hospital with inflammation of the intestine and that is when I knew this was not a path that I could continue and needed to make some critical changes to my overall fitness regime.

I also knew that I was not alone, that there are many people who are sacrificing their health for outside appearances, so I decided it was time for me to use my medical background in both Eastern and Western medicine, as well as my personal experience as a fitness trainer to help others get fit from the inside out.

I am a primary healthcare practitioner in the state of California and board licensed in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and herbal/whole food medicine.

I also am the founder of FIT life MED.

Fit life MED was created to bring back the true meaning of what it means to be fit in today’s society, where we are so focused on outer appearances that we have lost sight of what really matters…OUR HEALTH and WELLBEING.

Fit life MED stands FORWARD.INTELLECTUAL. THINKING. Our mission is to bring the kind of thinking to the forefront of today’s health and wellness communities.