Today we are featuring Claire Ross performing Living Precariously. Please let us know what you think down in the comments!

It’s not every day we have an opportunity to showcase those people who come and go in our lives and leave us with such profound legacies, my guest today is such a person.

Claire Ross is a very special being and woman whom I had the privilege of knowing and befriending while living in Panama. When I first heard her recite this poem, I said, “This needs to be on TEDTalks”. Sooo, If anyone knows a connection to TEDtalks, please let us know…

I think you will agree that Claire ‘s words need to be heard and shared by many.
Thank you, Claire, for trusting me to share your words of wisdom in this way. This one is for you!

More about Claire Ross:

Born and raised with love, literature, and horse-riding in rural England, Claire graduated university with a BA in Linguistics and Communication before setting off to test the wings she had always been taught she had.

Gaining instant success in sales and marketing, and already well-bitten by the wanderlust bug after back-packing around South America, she embraced the digital corporate world for a few years, finding it fascinating but ultimately unfulfilling.

Nesting temporarily on the Pacific Coast of Panama in 2010, she dedicated her love of bringing people from all walks of life together, to her first entrepreneurial venture – a restaurant and events-centre, that gave a home and a heartbeat to a small community.

At the end of 2017, Claire sold her business and is now embarking upon an indefinite adventure around the World. She plans to live consciously and precariously, fully present in every moment to be, think, observe, create, inspire, learn, write, laugh, cry, help, share, grow and affect positive change.

Of her Spoken Word Poetry Claire says:  “I fell in love with Kate Tempest’s work a few years’ ago and knew this was the artistic genre for me. The inspiration in my own words started to flow when I was living on the edge of the Panamanian rainforest, with only monkeys and toucans to distract my musings on humanity and the way we do life.
I am an optimistic realist. To me, life is not about destiny or anything pre-ordained – and it seems clear that our DNA is only part of what sculpts us. Life must be lived moment-to-moment in absolute consciousness and understanding that our actions and reactions in the present create our future.

I believe that those of us who won the time-and-place lottery of life and were born onto a path of human existence with the luxuries of health, safety, contraception, and education, must implement the mindfulness, the care and the courage to question and discuss the status quo of why we do things the way we do.

For people as fortunate as I am, life is a truly joyful thing! On whatever scale feels right for each of us, I believe we need to all constantly strive for smarter, more inclusive, egalitarian and sustainable ways to bring a higher quality of life and more joy to all around us.”

Peace, love & Joy!