Sages have long observed how easily our thoughts can gain momentum and hurl us into the rapids of crazy if we don’t stay aware and grounded. They called it monkey mind. These days the pace of life and the power of monkey mind are crazier than ever as we strive to keep up with the speed of technology and the demands of our life. If we’re going to live our best lives, we need to maintain balance, to find that still point in the midst of it all…. Easier said than done, right?

Before we can tap into that still point, we must first find the time and place to get quiet and bring balance to our minds, hearts and souls. Once we do this, then we can hear the inner wisdom that lies within. We really can connect to this inner world, inner-wisdom, and inner-joy anytime we choose, The question is HOW?

Me experiencing a little “Mayan Stillness” in Tulum, Mexico

Remember the ancient saying “We do without doing and everything gets done”?

The biggest concern most people have about meditation is…WHEN and HOW to practice it. Well, this was by far the biggest challenge for me for sure. Where to find the time and the place to be still when we are constantly moving and thinking in a face paced world?

Well, I have some GOOD NEWS to share …I have discoverd some amazing new meditation techniques that are easy and convenient for any lifestyle.

Today, We have many new options for creating a space for stillness.  One way I found to incorporate some needed stillness time into my life was with a 21 day meditation commitment using a very easy online system created by Tom Cronin, founder of the Stillness Project.

What I loved the most about this particular program were the daily meditation tips followed with a 20 minute meditation. This routine allowed me the opportunity to make mistakes and self correct while still staying focused. Before long, my meditation practice became easier and easier to where I can now do these techniques on my own. I also enjoyed the useful tips provided by Tom.  He has an authentic and very relaxed approach to teaching and sharing his meditation experiences.

Tom is a former finance broker, and like so many of us today, was living a successful but very hectic and stressful lifestyle, to the point where he began to suffer the effects mentally and physically by this stress.  After discovering the benefits of 20 minute meditation twice a day, he and others like myself, are able to live with better health, more energy, and a richer and more complete life filled with incredible peace and happiness. Many people today are discovering the results of meditation as an effective way to stimulate positive changes in their lives and manifest more of the good stuff, as if by magic.
Check out the Stillness project.

Another great way to experience meditation is with sound. This is my personal favorite technique, and one that I find works best for me.  The sounds seems to help me stay more focused and less distracted by my thoughts.  And, these vibrational frequencies can help aid in putting the mind into that deeper delta state where we gain the most therapeutic benefits from meditation.

We will be sharing more about these and other innovative tools emerging in the realm of sound meditation and technology soon.  At Joi Center, we are creating immersive sensory spaces to enhance the meditation experience and allow for easier and deeper meditation sessions.

Joi center is working with leading edge architects, music therapists and sound experts to create innovative spaces for people to achieve deeper meditative states without having to spend hours in stillness or become too distracted by life’s interferences. Look for more information and interviews with these innovative inner fitness sound designers coming soon here on the Joi Network.

“Oregon Sunrise” from Affinity Studio

And, there is another way I have found to experience successful meditations, and that is by using guided journeys that help soothe the mind and relax the soul into a place of stillness and connection easily and effectively.

I have found some great meditation guides over the years, and one of my most recent favorites is a 26 minute meditation, called Willingness by Bruce Cryer and Gary Malkin.  You can access it for free on the Joi Classroom as the Monday Meditation. or learn more about Bruce at



Peace, love and JOY!

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