The Joi Playground


Learn, practice and experience some of our mind-body modalities online. Tap into online yoga, Nia and Toning classes as well as, learn more about our immersive sensory spaces for meditation coming soon.

Movement From The Inside Out

Let the spirit move you and dance your cares away! For thousand of years and across many cultures, dance has long been a way to celebrate, to pray, and to heal. Reconnect with your inner self while you give your body a complete workout. You know how fit dancers are and how much fun it is to dance when you let yourself go. Experience feeling fearless, free, and fit at every level of your being. It will change your life.

We are proud to present Nia, an exciting way to connect the mind, body and spirit in a most fabulous fun way. Now you can learn and experience Nia right from your home.


Elevate Your Yoga and Meditation Practices

Sages have long observed how easily our thoughts can gain momentum and hurl us into the rapids of crazy if we don’t stay aware and grounded.

They called it monkey mind.

These days the pace of life and the power of monkey mind are crazier than ever as we strive to keep up with the speed of technology.

If we’re going to live our best lives, we need to maintain balance, to find that still point in the midst of it all.

Today’s monkey mind is no match for the energizing, calming, and clarifying power of Joi’s yoga and meditation classes.

Experience the Power of Good Vibrations

You know that shift in mood you feel when you hear a favorite piece of music?

How the sunlight makes you feel when it returns after a cloudy spell?

Or how you’re drawn to one color but not another and how that can change on different days?

That’s how we respond to different sound, light, and color frequencies.

It’s those frequencies, as well as the frequencies we emanate, that are the basis of vibrational medicine.

Joi brings a modern twist to vibrational medicine using proven new technologies that bathe the mind, body, and soul in sound, light, and color frequencies to bring your entire being back into balance.

Immerse yourself in these feel-good vibrations to catalyze health at every level.