Cover Design: Chris Thompson Cover Photo: Luke Dahlgren,

Cover Design: Chris Thompson Cover Photo: Luke Dahlgren,


The Year Of the Pull By Featured Teacher Debbie Rosas

Debbie Rosas is an author, artist, speaker, choreographer, and a heart-centered entrepreneur.  She is a creative pioneer in the body-mind industry and is a co-founder of Nia Technique, Inc. Debbie’s work also includes the writing and production of Nia® educational materials and lifestyle products, such as music CDs, DVDs, and the NiaWear™ clothing line. Together with creative partner Carlos Rosas, Debbie has co-authored two books: Non-Impact Aerobics and The Nia Technique™, as well as the “Holistic Fitness” section of the AFAA Instructor Training Manual.

Debbie would love to share her new eBook called The Year Of The Pull with the members of the Joi Center.

“I’m naming 2018 The Year of the Pull dedicated to listening and responding to the pull of life and moving towards what you love by mastering the art of the pull. Please receive this BOOK and use it to guide you into a magical 2018.”

Watch Debbie introduce The Year Of The Pull.

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